22 September 2010

** Two Hundred and Twenty Five **

somehow college doesn't feel like college. it's not like there's an extra hype when entering college. it feels just like shcool all over again. with exception of the hideous blue uniform they make us wear during school. and also the exception that you do not get in trouble with the teacher if you do not touch your tutorials a.k.a homework. so you'd probably go "yay!"; pretty contented with they way things are. no uniform. less restrictions. and no one to bug you about not completing your homework. but then, somehow or rather, there's a part somewhere inside of you that makes you do your tutorials whether you like it or not. like so hidden concience hidden deep down within and constantly reminds you and gives you that weird kind of "there's-something-missing" feeling. technically to me, i was so used to completing my homework back during school time, it felt weird if i didn't bother to lay even a finger on my tutorials. and so i did.

so things are a bit different in college. where you do a lot more walking. and the classes are all freezingly cold sometimes. and technically nobody gives a damn if you pay attention during lectures or not. its your loss either way. well, look on the brighter side. there's no co-curricular activities. well, its not a must for us. everything else is pretty much the same. study. exam. get fucked up marks. feel like crap cause everyone else did better. and now i can no longer say i've never failed a subject. i have. and the feeling that i get from failing was a brand new step into a different limbo i've never entered. it was to a point i fell speechless and had nothing more to say. i was used to getting low grades or at least barely, just barely passing. but failing? it was an entirely new feeling. and honestly, it dont feel good at all. then i got to thinking, why and how and the would could i possibly fail when i did my tutorials and i could actually do the questions the lecturer handed out during lectures. that was one thing i could never understand. i mean. i do the same for every subject i take. okay. not applied. i hate applied. still. even as i hate applied i did pretty well for it. of all my four subjects my worst was physics. and i do not deny it. i have grown a certain hatrate towards that stupid subject.

one more thing. for the first time in my life i've gotten at 29/50 for my essay. yeah. english essay. i mean. that's like the kind of marks i'd be happy to get for my BM essays (which i do btw). i liked GP for the fact i still get to write essays but its all factual. and all this while i have been writing creative writing for SPM. and don't get me wrong, i score practically everytime i write. maybe one or two typos here and there. other than that i'm good to go. so, first of all, i realize my little habit of starting my sentences with "and" during my days of creative writing was not allowed in factual writing. in other words i had to change my style of writing. and another thing i never knew about when writing factual was that short form wasn't allowed. as in "can't , shouldn't , etc" is considered as wrong in factual. and i pretty much use it very often in creative writing to write faster.

and i didn't know "suicidal" was spelled as "suicidel".
my awesome GP teacher "corrected" my spelling.

so i guess starting college gave way to a lot more first-times. and it only seemed like yesterday i was ranting about being in TARC and doing my A Levels. and now, there's about one month more to my Test 3. which i have to keep my average of 60% to keep my scholarship. technically i was pretty surprised i managed to keep my average for this recent test , Test 2. it was bad enough i failed and begged the lecturer to give me at least a pass which was two more marks than my original score of 38% which then makes it to 40%. yeah. it was the first time i ever begged for marks. oh how i hated this feeling of failure. then few days back we got back our further maths applied paper and i was like "WTF?!?!" i got 83/100. which was pretty good for me at least. counted the times i never paid attention in class and procrastinated my tutorials. and today we got back our maths applied paper and i was like "ZOMG COOL!! 84/100". which again was pretty good counted the times i once again never paid attention. LOL. its not my fault his teaching sucks. sometimes the more he teaches, the more he makes me not understand.

the coolest thing about maths.

This is my Further Maths Applied paper.

a)Find the probability to get a number 4 for the first time in a fair dice throwing game after 7 times of throwing. (10 marks)

Answer: P(X=7)= 1/6(5/6)^6

b)Let X~Geo(p)
i)Prove that P(X≤r)= 1-q^r (6 marks)


= p + pq + pq^2 + ... + pq^r
= p ( 1 + q + q^2 + ... + q^r ) << i didn't know how to do after this.
= 1 - q^r << so i wrote the answer anyway.

and i got 6 marks. LOL

This is my Maths Applied paper.
Q1. (insert whole lot of gibberish)
a)In how many ways can the seats be occupied. (5marks)

Answer : 6P3 x 3P3 = 720

yeah. just that and you get 5marks.

b)If the girls all sit on one side and the boys sit opposite, in how many ways can the seats be occupied? (10marks)

Answer: 3P3 x 3P3 x 2 = 72

YES!! just like that and you get 10marks.

ok. practically the entire paper is like that. sort of somewhat like that. its down right scary how so much marks was allocated for such a simple step. kind of makes you doubt your simple working would be worth THAT much marks. hahaha...maths...XD sometimes im so happy im taking further maths instead of bio. =D

I KEPT MY 60% AVERAGE!!!!! *glee*


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