08 April 2010

** Hundred and Eighty **

i'm so sick and tired of telling every single soul that asks me what am i doing now and when am i going to Japan. prepare for a very long post.

begin transmission. せ。。。の。。。はい!!!

it began in early january when i went to EDU FAIR in KLCC. as i entered UNITEN's booth was directly in front of me and my future PEEP teacher came up and showed the form and the flyer. he said that all i needed was 3credits for my trials and i can join this camp. so i was like, ok go figure! then he told me that after this programme UNITEN WILL GET SPONSORS TO SPONSOR THE TOP60 TO STUDY IN JAPAN. i was like, are you sure?!?! its kinda cool to get such an offer. and he told YES FULLY SPONSORED. so i looked at the form. heck all i needed to do was study jaapanese, english, maths, moral and do koko. simple enough. so i took the form and flyer.

i went home and did what i needed to. filled the form and provided the information. then i got the letter saying i got in. i had a fit with the batik thursday and baju kurung friday. not to mention the formal clothes and stuff. i was at the bridge of not going. cuz it wouldnt make a difference cuz we havent paid. pondering about it. i decided what's a little batik and baju kurung gonna stop me from going to Japan. じゃ。。。なんでもないよ。so i said go with it.

i arrived in UNITEN. scared and friendless. went to my apartment and met Angeline and Ann. and thank god they were girls i could actually get along with. then we had some briefing and got our timetable. monday formal. tuesday and wednesday casual. thursday batik. friday traditional. not bad. i thought. then after that we had to walk back to our apartment. yea i walked with angeline and ann and emmee. and they all spoke mandrin so i spoke mandrin too. LMAO.

the countless weeks in UNITEN were priceless. the four of us were lucky enough to be placed in the same class. へいあん。i love that class. lets see. on my left was Aiman and Afifi and on my right was Fatin and Wilson. honestly i had fun sitting beside Aiman and Afifi. the two of them are just...LOL. my other class mates were Haziq, Faza, Firdaus, Emmee, Amirul, Syakir, Tzee Huei, Angeline, Ann, Amalina, Pneah, and Melvin. i had so much fun during classes. especially when we had to do かいわ(conversation) in front of class. then we swap places and on my right was Pneah, Fatin, Aiman and on my left was Tzee Huei. friendships started between classmates. then we'd join classes with へいせい for english and maths and moral and koko. yea i'm gonna repeat this line a lot more times. i had so so much fun. i love all the friends i made there. and our せんせい like takahashi sensei, saido sensei, khairi sensei, safril sensei, miss evelyn, miss kai wai and i forgot the moral teacher's name. LMAO.

いろいろな ともだちと いっしおに にほんごを べんきょうしますから、だいすきです。♥ ♥ ♥ O(≧∇≦)O

so the weeks came and go. and soon we were graduating. it was sad how everything seemed like only the begining. we had our final goodbyes. and went our different ways. and yet THANKS TO FACEBOOK we're still connected?! LMAO. i dont know how to put it. yea i have 3albums of AJL2010 to prove it. not to mention the countless comments. XD

here comes the really FUCKED UP part. ここから ざんねんですね。。。

so here's the catch. daddy paid RM1250. i went to UNITEN for 2months plus to re-study what i have already learnt. and yes i got myself into the TOP60. enough said. i should be on my way to Japan right?!

WRONG. ばつ!!

first i got a call. saying i had to go for an interview. so ok.
after than i got another call. saying i dont have to go for the interview. i am selected into the foundation programme. OKAY!! and that Dr.Nash would call to fill me in on the EXTRA DETAILS.
Dr.Nash called. i waited the entire day for his call and he called while i was waiting for my dinner. uhhh...he said...
-UNITEN has trouble finding sponsors but they'll still try
-foundation would cost 55k but they'll try to lower it to 35k maybe
-they'll provide loans or something
-we have to find our own sponsors
-he'll send a letter to say we've joined this AJL thingy and is looking for sponsors

i was like ಠ_ಠ

so in conclusion...
i'm NOT gonna be going to Japan anytime soon
i'm currently sitting at home everyday
まいようび うちが います。

the letter?! てがみは?!
maybe UNITEN's collaborating with SANTA CLAUS and the letters got sent to the north pole for confirmation to get santa's signature and to filter out the naughty and nice kids that deserve to go to Japan. and then there was this HUGE MASSIVE GINORMOUS snow storm that caused the post-sleighs to break down and now the stupid post office down at the north pole is repairing the sleighs and so the letters will not come any sooner.

i dont know. しらない。┐(゚~゚)┌


so quit asking me and read my fucking blog. 
もんだいは やめってよ!!わたしのブログは みます!

basically AJL was a fun ride. but all that effort went down the drain. and i bet A LOT of us put A LOT of our hopes into getting into the top60 for AJL. i know all of us wants to go to Japan. and now it seems like neither of us are going. top60 or not.

and guess what?!

they've started a third batch. SPM 9As' minimum requirement. RM550. 1month.

its bad enough i'm ticked with how they're handling this. i'm even more ticked that UNITEN already has problems with finding sponsors and they still want to go fourth and run AJL again. who knows how many people are enrolled into the bloody programme this time. all of us together is already 100+ students, all hoping for a shot at going to Japan. plus the batch they just started.

what are they trying to do?

gain every penny out of this programme they're organizing out of every student that wants to go to Japan even with this sponsorship issue.

bottom line is.


simple as that.

(*・_・)ノ⌒* throw UNITEN away!!

well now take my pick
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Raffles College KL (RCKL)
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ The One Academy (TOA)
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Malaysia's Institute of Art (MIA)
(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Saito College

i gotta go somewhere right?!


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