18 April 2010

** Hundred and Eighty Five **

another sunday morning...

this is what daddy does every sunday morning. daddy's teaching our pet baby dragon to aim. he just started breathing fire few days ago. *w*. lol. yea rite. daddy's playing with fire. contribute to global warming. pollute the enviroment. but he says he's chasing away the mosquitoes. and by the end of the day even my room upstairs smells a bit like smoke. LOL. but today since i'm out as well. i smeel like smoke too. OTL. need to shower and change my shirt later.

burn baby burn~

ok now for a walk around daddy's garden...hahahaha

this is from some thorny plant. IDK. i'm just the photographer.

yea daddy's been bugging me to take pictures of his beloved berries.

THIS. is an alien invasion onto the poor hibiscus plant outside. ok i didn't know what it was actually but i took a shot anyway. daddy says they only attack the poor hibiscus plant. and the ants help them survive cuz they kinda provide those white stuff that's sweet for the ants. ahhhh reminds me of bio. LOL. no they aren't like crawling all over the plant. they're just static there.

i dont think is edible. lol. i dont even know what this is. come to think of it. i dont know what most of the stuff daddy plants in the garden outside. LOL

maple leaves~

yes. daddy bugged me to take this too. i dont know why. i never liked these white orchids. i never liked taking shots of it. probably cuz they turn out fugly...LOL

lilies always remind me of school. damn i miss school. uhhh....

My Favourite shot of the day. soh pretty...*w*

so by the time i finish walking around the place, i'm sweating like nobody's business. and when i went back in. my eyes took like 10minutes to adjust to the inside of the house. cuz outside the sun was really hot and i was practically squinting my eye. i probably got darker today aswell. hahaha.

My doggie so handsome....*w*

Ah Xuan's here for today. Lol. nothing to report on her. running about as usual. chittering away. asking for sweets every five minutes. asking for vitegen. playing with the fridge magnets. feeding the fishes. well at least she's not afraid of Pumbaa anymore.

Pumbaa is the dog.

so that about covers it for today...




haha i just had to... =3

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