26 February 2010

** Hundred and Sixty Six **

well i'm back home. again. two more weeks to go before AJL ends. which is really really sad. honestly, i was really happy going to uniten. even with the batik and the baju kurung and stuff. i had so much fun there. made so many friends. which i know and love. hahahaha! personally i couldnt ask for better apartment-mates than angeline, ann and emmee. most probably not all of us (who are from the first batch) would make it into the top60. i liked being away from my parents for once. do things in my own time. nobody to nag me. nobody to bug me. it feels nice to get a little taste of freedom. and after the next two weeks its all going to go away.

i met a few people who go for CF. randomly asked and found a few. there's one thing i've been killing myself about. WHERE ARE ALL THE COSPLAYERS?! lmao. i guess i just expected to meet a whole lot of otakus. so there will be otakus that draw which i can befriend. otakus that cosplay which i also can befriend. otakus which just go for events which i too can befriend. lmao. i still love my friends i made there. all of you guys. bet i'll miss all of you when AJL's over. damn. time flies when you're having fun.

the one thing i hate about AJL is the moral classes. the teacher keeps pulling off these psychology crap. i hate it when people try to discover who i am. trying to dig deeper than they're supposed to. i hate it when people try to act like they know me. and i hate it when they say it like they've known me all my life and know what i've been through. i hate it when they try to read me. i hate it when they point out my flaws when i already know them. i dont need a mirror to tell me i'm ugly. i hate it when people try to get into my head. i hate it.


it's amazing how i was emo once upon a time. and when i got so used to being happy til i actually forget what it was like being emo, it felt great. yea...notice the past tense. i'm back. and i'm emo again. and it is certainly a sucky feeling. its like eating candy. you taste the sweetness and the joys of the candy lingering in your mouth. then comes the toothache when u have had too much.

someone cheer me up.

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