15 February 2010

** Hundred and Sixty Four **

[picture unable to upload...shesh]

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day
48hours cramped into 24hours
well technically Valentine's Day doesnt really mean much
so my relatives came over
kinda like a family gathering
we do it every year
then we had big dinner later

my sis, my aunt, my mum and i were playing blackjack
so dad gave each 4bucks
and guess what i ended with
35bucks!! XD
well my aunt cheated my money
cuz in the begining when i hit 21 she only paid me 1buck when she's suppose to pay my double
or else i couldve had more

heading off to johor tomorrow
be back only on thursday
gosh i havent finish my math assignment
and there's a stupid test after the holidays
and if you thought form5 add math is hard
this is WAY WAY WAY harder
and there's a test!!
*starts freaking out*
and im supposed to do my revision
and study the few chapters ahead for japanese
[yes i cannot relax]
i want to get into the top60 as anyone does
and it doesn mean having basic secures me a spot
call me weird
but i like doing homework
and when there's no homework for math
i feel like dying

well i've got to pack later

i guess this year Valentine's Day isnt much of a Single's Awareness Day. not that i cared. i've nvr celebrated Valentine's Day. lol. i sounded pitiful for a minute there. honestly Valentine's Day has never played an important role in my life. i have never counted down to Valentine's Day. sometimes i'd even forget it was ever Valentine's Day.



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