27 January 2009

** Hundred and Ten **

i am trying very hard to keep my sanity. attempting to prevent from going senile. i've been tried out for the first 3 weeks of January. thinking the week holiday for CNY's gonna get rid of all the sleepless nights i had completing my homework. and it's only been 3 days i am still tired. splitting headaches. and i find myself reluctant to take panadol even if it does hurt. even if it does feel like my brain's gonna melt and my neurons are aimlessly traveling in my sistem short circuiting everything else. in other words. i'm malfunctioning.

i know. CNY. supposed to be happy and joyous and all the fun stuff in the world. but i'm too tired. too sleepy. too dead. too much in pain to have fun. i'm gonna start screaming at everyone soon. if i dont do something about it. heck. i can't do anything about it. my sms has reached 1.2k within the 3 weeks and my dad almost killed me for last month's bill of 2k smses. so yes. i am killing myself.

i am off to johor tomorrow. and will not be blogging until saturday. unless i decide to use my phone. which is unlikely. restriction doesn't work for me. yeah. as tempremental as i am. being a girl just made EVERYTHING worst. i don't need to explain. argh. i've got to pack now. feeling so fucking dead. even my fingers are slipping off the keys as i type. and worst we're going out for dinner tonight.

this day.

this holiday.

couldn't possibly get any worst.


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