01 February 2009

** Hundred and Eleven **

i'm back from Johor. and still i have my piles of homework waiting for me. and what's worst, i can't find my tatabahasa book!!!!! damn it. but now i've gave up looking for it cuz i have no idea where i put it. wait. i know where i put it. it's in that stack of books i had beside my table before i left for Johor. and now it's not there. i checked my bag and all the stacks of text books down stairs and no it isn't there. so i haven't got a clue where it is. worst comes to worst i'll just lend someone's book photocopy what i need and redo everything. since she hasn't marked the book yet.

my phone bill. my phone bill. la la la la.

well i hid my phone somewhere now. don't know where it is. seriously. how the hell do you hide your own stuff and not being able to find it. so going back to Johor was more or less just for the sake of red packets and stalking my nephew and nieces. they're so adorable!!! why wouldnt i stalk them. it's not like i have anything to say to my cousins i have nothing in common with but our DNA. it's unlikely i'm gonna strike up a conversation.
"Hi cousin."
"How awesome right?!"
"What's so awesome?"
"How we share the same DNA."
what a lame conversation.

i finished my add maths intervensi paper yesterday. bloody functions so damn stupid. and when i finished i was like what?!?!?! 13 questions ONLY?!?!.

i can't tell you how extremely excited i am. i'm so excited i'm not even bothered to open my red packets. yeah. that's how excited i am.blahh!!!!!

i don't know whether to be excited to be going back to school and Tuesday. or just dreaded to be doing so.



WTF is wrong with 2009.

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