19 January 2009

** Hundred and Nine **

why do i keep finding myself trying hard to cramp homework and blog at the same fucking time. ops. crap. i'm not supposed to say this shit. fuck. too much eminem running through my veins. cuz lately there isn't much i can really do. about my life. about my school. about my family. about my emotions. about myself. and somehow eminem just spells it all out. pours it all out. like aas if i was the one who inspired that song. like i was the one who made him write that song. cuz life right now's full of shit that no one truely cares about anymore.

fuck my nose just bled.
*tilts head*
damnation. the taste of haemoglobin.

from my veins

from my arteries

down my throat

down through the stomach

i cant remember the last time i had a nose bleed. fuck. i cant remember the last time i could just watch tv not do my homework knowing nothing's gonna happen if i dont. i cant remember the last time i drenched myself in the joys of heavy rain and thunder. splashing puddles and having damp shoes tomorrow. i cant remember the last time i laughed so hard my tummy hurt for a week. i cant remember having to look forward to the next day, next sun rise, to start all over again.

ok. fucking nose bleed. i've never had one in YEARS. and now when i do it's bleeding like stupid.

i've got to go.




yeah it finally stopped. and the computer's lagging so badly and i'm trying to finish my homework. damn it.

ou crap. i have to start on my sejarah notes today.
*runs upstairs*

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