16 January 2009

** Hundred and Eight **

i drown in homework today
everyday it's the same old stack of hay
and it's always the greener side of land
i cannot comprehend

i fall in confusion today
and know that nothing's ever going to be okay
but nothing says it
like a cup of coffee, for every little bit

i scream in pain and vain
how slowly the cobwebs rain
the light within the candles no longer care
two shoes don't make a pair

i sleep in sorrow and horror
sand between my toes made my mirror
beyond that line
reaching out for more than worths time

i run away, hide away
lost direction, i am astray
rocks skip on water, seemingly weightless
it rains frogs today and doesn't make the press

i speak in silence
vengance, i seek, vengance
burns out the water does the flame
the soil's dead, plants get the blame
hidden behind the spotlight and fame
a butterfly's out to be tame

i stack up my dignity
surrender to them, as charged guilty
forged facials in the sea
none other to see but me

i cry out tonight
something i gave all my might
detached i am from the cold
no backbone left to hold
parasite, i see you, parasite


i see me


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