07 October 2008

** Sixty Nine **

Darn. It's jus one of those days where i feel as if my voice cannot be heard. Where everything seems to be consuming me. If u people haven't notice sometimes i'm down right happy n get along with watever u throw at me, sometimes i'm a bit screwed up n make d biggest fuss about d tiniest things. So why is it such a shock when u ask for an explaination n i say have a split personality. Owh yea i'm a weirdo most of the time. So what!? Well i haven't ade bloging lately cuz well...there's nothing to blog about. Owh...i learnt in bio few days back. Malacca was um...ditubuhkan...established...by paramesium. Speaking of bio. That lady!! I tell u ar...she say do presentation crap den she give marks something something exam. So fine we do powerpoint. Me, Michelle, Ramya, Josephine. All of us do 8.2...simply crap in front there la. But still we got 4marks except for Ramya, she got 5. Den u know what tat pig say now!? That pig not giving us marks because it seems cannot la cuz some teacher was there and she saw n say cannot. Bloody fucking bull shit crap loser freak!!! All that effort and for what?! Sometimes i really dispise school n de teachers in it. How they abuse us and we don't have a say so on it. It's kinda ironic how ALL the teachers complain about my beloved class aka 4sc1. How noisy we are. How uncontrolable we are. How irresponsible we are. Bla bla bla...and yet. When it comes to stuff they need...say...drama or performance or watever la...they come to US...and we do hell of a awesome job at it and they know it. When they need us they treat us like royalty but from tat milisecond they no longer do, they dump us like trash. Idiots these teachers.

I feel like trash today. Like somehow when i speak no one's really there to listen. And when i walk. It feels as if i'm walking by myself. Even during recess today, i feel as if i was eating on my own. Maybe it's me excluding myself. Then again maybe today i jus didn feel like talking to anyone. Ahhh....it's jus been a really long day. Exams are in less than a week n what am i doing?! Not studying. Tat's for sure. Damn. I wonder how am i gonna get through SPM like this. Somehow it feels as if it's been a long time since i sat for sejarah class...why ar?! Lawls. I miss sejarah?? OMG...WTF...

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