20 October 2008

** Seventy Three **

I can't really remember my number of post. And i'm not really bothered to check at de moment.

Firstly, yes, pretty much everyone tat reads joshua's blog knows he's in love. And no de girl tat he likes is not me. Why de hell would he like me...lawls...so here's to clarify to all de people who wouldn stop bugging me...no joshua doesn like like me and no i do not like like him. We're jus buddies...what's wrong wit that?!

Secondly. No GTH doesn't have a crush on me...people he has a girlfriend and they're so cute together. Lol. And no i do not have a crush on him either. Shesh...you people...

Ahhh...last one to clarify...no i'm not a lesbian...damn it. Jus because i said i kissed a girl de whole world tat read my blog comes panicking asking when did tat happen.

I'm bloging cuz i'm falling asleep studying for chemistry. And i still have 2 whole chapters to cover. Haha. What to say. What to say. Ok scratch tat...i have one more chapter to cover. Lawls...not that anything went into my brain anyway...gosh...what de hell am i doing in science stream? why de hell am i making myself go through all this? Lol. This is so stupid...by next year everyone's gonna be bugging me about what i'm gonna do wit my life and all i'm gonna do is shrug and walk away. Darn...my lips are bleeding again from my lack of H2O consumemation. Den again i haven't been drinking much water since exams started. I haven't been touching de computer. I haven't been drawing. I haven't been sleeping as often as i did. Tomorrow is tuesday. Haih. My exams gonna be so freakin long. Right now they're going to extend it even more. It's bad enough our exams are lasting for 3 whole weeks and now they're dragging it on to November. WTF man. Last year it used to be 1week plus nia and now it's like one whole fucking month exam. I'd get so freakin sick and tired of it. Heck i already am...my pen would most probably die out by de end of it. I doubt myself for SPM. Yea i got through UPSR n PMR...straight A's whatever crap...how de hell am i gonna do my freakin SPM when right now i can't even cope wit my form4...lawls...lets jus drop out of school...save all de stress...haih...yea i wish...i'm gonna have to reread all chap5 to 8...seems nothing went in...bad idea to study and sms at de same time.

Then again my brain's so messed up at de moment it doesn really matter if it goes in or not. I can always crap something up like how i did today. *slaps self* see la...i'm planning to crap for SPM...gosh...i'm so dead...

Look on de bright side...at least i'm not pasting my "a"...lawls...

some secrets shud never be kept,
some stories shud never be told,
some reasons shudn't be understood,
they just might turn ur blood cold

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