29 May 2008

** Five **

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day before yesterday was the last day of camp...
so im back at home now
yesterday spent the whole day in school for some ePPDA thing
and Phantom Of The Opera
so now only blog...T^T
~ Day before Yesterday ~
last day of camp
whu hu hu hu hu~
so sad....how i wish it lasted longer...
we didnt do much
just sat down and talked
about our reflections and our experiences
with our room mates
with the activities
with our team members
we left after lunch
so i still get my dose of ICE CREAM!!! xD
then i went around looking for these bunch of useless ppl
ask them to wait dunno how to wait
i had to go room to room to get them
well...at least i got everyone to sign...^^
should've brought more paper
who's fault is it everyone else had to squeeze in...
i told him not to sign to LARGELY
and de stupid guy never listens
there's one BIG spot there
i really am gonna miss camp
i wanna go back~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i'm gonna kill sheila when i see her
wehehehehe i got nothing much to pack
lepak in the room for so many hours
Hydde,u effing rich bastard...=X
has his very own assistant
and he's in love with his assistant
[although she's 30+]
i met his parents that day
i was practically like
ha ma na ha ma na ha ma na ha ma na
ha ma na ha ma na ha ma na
ha ma na ha ma na
ha ma na
shake hand oso got 5 seconds delay...xD
and his mother goes "thank you for taking care of our lil boy."
oO wow...lil boy
then what am i?!
tiny girl ar...xD
i can see it now...Hydde the Lil Boy Not-So-Wonder
lawls...im so bad =X
get into the car
and my mum start shooting the Qs
and well, duh i got pissed
and i definately cracked
so i screamed back
owh dont blame me...
if she was making perfect sense i wouldn't scream back
but she wasnt!!!!
so thats that
dun wanna talk bout it
spend the night smsing Michelle til 11
and Hydde til 5am
then i slept for 3 hours
WTF rite...xD
i know...
300 over sms in one night...
gonner my bill
~ Yesterday ~
woke up at 8
went to school for ePPDA
Neermala came but Ramya didnt
i got a shock of my life when she told me we needed to memorise
i was like WTF
we cant memorise millions of slides in two weeks!!!!!
we cant!!!
thank god we went through de rules and regulations
i was really relieved when they said we had to make a scrap book
of our slides
one for the judges
so no more memorising
we practically copied and paste some stuff from the past year's
somehow i feel this determination to win
or maybe its because it sucked so much to lose to the bloody CBN
lawls...its not like they're taking part anyway..
we practically had the slides all done
we just need pictures
and music
and videos
i think...that is if we wanna win
watever it is...
the power went out half way
so we hung out with the Phantom of the Opera cast
power came back and we're back to work...xD
we finished at 12
and i had bout 1 hour wait before i go for Phantom of The Opera
pity meeee
whole day in school
sat in de hall and talked to Michelle
yakity yak
then followed Bowie to her house
had lunch
and was back in school for Phantom of the Opera
ahhh well...
the choreographer came
made us stay til 4.30
we were all dying to go home
its the school holidays and we're in school
so we dismissed at around that time
i went home
slept off
really i was tired
after all i had only 3 hours of sleep
and took my bath
the rest of it is history...xD

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