22 May 2008

** One **

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its times like this when there is just nothing more that i can do
i love my class...^^ 4SC1
and we worked so hard to get to where we were
really we did...
lets see...well, the teachers weren't much help [until the last minute]
we practically did everything ourself...
which included : -
-practises at my house during holidays
-practises after school
-lengthening of the script on our own
-movements and tonality on our own
-solo parts
-asam and lime
and plenty more i surely cannot think of
at the moment
But MissGoh [headmistress] did tell us to work on our "T" and "S" and "K"
And she and her weird tonality [seriously...it WAS weird]
Somehow she tried but...
fact is...it was already too late for any MAJOR changes
PnJudy[eng teach] did help correct the errors of the script
and she stayed back with us
but that was all she did
well, she made sure we practised
but it would've been nice if she took the effort to stay in school and get permission for us to practise there during the holidays
instead of coming to my house
don't get me wrong...
i'm not complaining...its just...
why aren't the teachers showing any form of support that we needed
well,there's this whole thing about Form4 hating 4SC1 which kinda a bit overboard
maybe there's a tiny pinch thats jelly...[the green lil monster]
but its no reason to hate the whole of it...^^
and then when they moved the exams forward cuz of the comp
things went from bad to worst...
and then it got better...^^
which was good...xD and still is...hahahah
so after all our hardship we went through
i guess it is finally over
and there is nothing more we can do
sure we can cry and sob all we want
let it all out
we lost to CBN today
2nd place...
in front of SMK Kepong Baru...
best conductor from SMK Kepong Baru...[thats a D.U.H.]
and the rest was history...
i can't possibly put to words the sadness that took over today...
we were so looking forward to beating CBN and going to our promised land
sounds crappy but...
we're a class and its kinda awesome to go somewhere as a whole class representing to school...
but those CBN girls...may i point out they're all Form1 and 2
were just too bitchy [sorry bout the language...i've got no other words]
and i dont think i want to be even more bitchy than them to win
although it hurts so much
to see our efforts get flushed down the drain just like that...
i wonder why St Mary's always 2nd best to CBN
they're humans as well...
so why is it so hard to beat them?!?!?!?!?!
i'm not blaming it on anyone...
i know we did our best...
really...we did...
its just...
well, its obvious CBN will win...
but there was no hurt in hoping that WE would instead...
so much for that...
i really like how the way Choral Speaking has brought us all together
like one big family
and taking Choral Speaking away is like
taking that sticky substance that keeps us together
you know..from this competition
we were united as one...
it wasnt like any other years i've had in St Mary
it was like i was REBORN
i used to know like..."okay this fella's in my class...wateva..."
and now...i know everyone...
not jus sekadar nama...but like
when we meet somewher we dont just go "hi" and walk off...
we go "hi" and start TALKING somemore
i don't want this to go away...
i really don't
there's something i really wanna keep
though we lost our champion for Choral Speaking
though we lost our first place
and though we lost our stepping stone to our promised land
i really wanna keep this bond our class have
that no other class has
we're one
and we're 4SC1
maybe we were just no meant to beat those bitchy CBN ppl
cuz GOD has something far worth us planned
maybe we're just not meant to win this
cuz there are far more GREATER things to come
just maybe...
we'll be forever united as
and not forgetting~ [heh]

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