27 May 2008

** Four **

[this was yesterday]
well, besides the fact that i had to get up REAL early
camp has been so much fun!!!!!
after enduring ant hills and shaking trees
i'm pretty delighted that yesterday's wasnt as hectic
at least they let us catch breakfast
i need my dose of ice cream!!!! xD
just so you know...i've fallen in LOVE with paintballs!!!
and paint!!!
and everything else!!! xD
they gave each team and theme
REBORN -beta than nuttin-
lawls...lame name i know....but thats what we could come out with
i didnt quite get our theme actually
but i just went as if i knew what de bloody theme was
then i watch all the members grab leaves
and stones
and everything they could put their hands on
cuz we were suppose to create a scene that fits the theme
i had no idea what de bloody theme wanted
so i stood watching...xD [brilliant eh?!]
they came back to where i stood
with leaves and stones and vines in their hands
"we make rachel the small one"
i was like WTH "what small one?!"
"sadly our theme goes with our name"
"owhhhhhhhhh~" now i get it...xD
i had leave in my hair and in my pants for goodness sake!!!
so called leafy tail...xD
and all i did was sit there and stare when we were presenting
how nice...
well, besides being the laughing stock of camp T^T
we sat together for lunch after that
somehow i decribed the activities
as if they're VERY short
but they're NOT!!!
i always have my ice cream
and duh i was the first to return to the table
unbelievable actually
we didn bother to get our names til now
owh yeah...i miscalculated...i mistyped...they're like 9 ppl in the team
so...names...lets see if i remember
the oldest one among us is Sheila
followed by Aer [dont ask why his name is liddat]
and then Chong Vern
after that Hydde [double 'd'...its not a typo]
next will be Mimi
and Yii Feng
and David
after that Esther Yong
and Me
well, i havent celebrated my birthday YET
so i'm like 15++ somewhat xD
owh yeah...Hydde's my roomie btw
after lunch we had our free time for a quite a while
but i kinda just hung out in the room
fussing over Hydde's laptop
Hydde fussing our his guitar
yeah...in addition...was smsing Michelle
lawls...poor michelle...stuck doing nothing...xD
i wanted to blog yesterday
and besides Hydde's laptop ran out of power
Hydde likes the balcony
although there's nothing to see...xD
stupid guy...
[im being such a girl....*gasp*]
when the laptop ran out
i peeked through the sliding door
"Hydde...the laptop's dead"
"Good." he didnt even look!!! evil much...
"Hydde, the laptop's dead."
"Hydde!! the freaking laptop is dead!!!"
"I said GOOD!!!!!!"
heh...i made him crack...xD
gosh im being so immature
coincidentally...[[okay i hate this part]]
lighting came thunder strike
long story short
i screamed
and guess what he did
he effing burst out laughing
"it's not funny."
"yeah. it is..."
"it's NOT funny."
i screamed again [bloody thunder]
"relax. breath. thunder's not gonna come here and hit you"
i thought thunder was only the sound
i kept screaming for everytime the thunder strike...stroke...
i think it was by the fifth time i screamed he cracked...
"damn would you stop."
"you're like disturbing the peace."
"what peace?!"
"MY peace!"
"you have a peace?!?!"
"Shut up you screaming colourful ice cream eating monster."
if i wasn't so freaked out by the thunder i would laugh
Hydde laughed at himself anyways
"Hey! Hey! Hey! i say no!!!"
"why not!!!"
"cuz i said so...NO!"
"awwwww...come on...smile..."
"Hydde...you know you want me to...now SMILE!!!!"
"No. Can't do."
"i'm gonna put this in my blog...so you better smile."
"i'll stop screaming..."
"er...let you sing me a lullaby?!"
"xD good enuf..."
so i got his picture michelle!!!!
i'm acting like one of those fan girls
he went back inside
plugged in the battery to the laptop
there he goes fussing over his guitar again
i was sitting at the table smsing Michelle
about 5 minutes into it
and the sound stopped
oO he slept off...LAWLS
and and and and and and....
Hydde was talking in his sleep...xD
=X im such a bad roomie
i enjoyed this one the most
we left the room for dinner
and then we went to this porch or something
i dunno....
and what were we to do...
we do feet painting..LAWLS
saying it is funny enuf
you know...opening the bottles of paint
with your foot
is NOT easy
makes you feel so glad you had fingers...xD
but a few of us cheated..
out of the impatience
soon after we were all stepping and painting our hearts out!!!
peace didnt last long
Jonathan [i dont know who he is] inflicted paint
on Fret's face
Fret went "ouch"
that's why i used inflicted...xD
then we were no longer using our feet and painting
like in pre-school
we were
paint on each other
gosh...i became MULTI COLOURED!!!
and we ran out of piant
the end..
[as if~~~~]
some idiot went and grabbed the hose
and strted spraying water at me
why me!!!!!!!!
so i got wet
but at least she cleaned me off...xD
But im WET...dripping soaking wet
but i had fun
so that was that
we were back in the room by 11
yeah i was waiting for Hydde to get cleaned up
stupid guy won't get clean
it's like the paint diffused into his skin
back in the room
Hydde fell asleep like immediately
while i
wide awake
smsed Michelle
^^ okay thats all..
i'm already late for break fast...^^

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