20 March 2011

** Two Hundred and Forty Three **

(sorry chemistry i have to do this first)
(picture stolen from rei chan's blog cuz i have no other picture of him)


ah i cant remember the last time i dealt with someone significant in my life leaving and knowing they're never coming back.
so this is in loving memory of Mr. VJ. who was my sejarah tuition teacher when i was in form5. the funniest and the best history teacher that ever walked on the face of the earth ♥.

he passed away this morning from liver cancer.

and i didn get the chance to thank him for the A in my sejarah for SPM. and to tell him how great of a teacher he is. T^T

His many quotes:


"malaysia terdiri daripada cina, melayu, india, sakai, kokai and pokai."

"XXX bomb YYY so YYY hamchoi!"

"girls are good, boys are better."

"girls are good, boys are...?"
"don't look at me, i didn't say that, i'm innocent."

(yea. the emphasis on how boys are better. :'D)

"itu semua BULLSHIT punya."

"...right or not, girls?"
"aiya. girls always say no but inside they mean yes..."


and some closer to my personal memories. ♥

"Good morning class."
"Afternoon la sir..."
"Kat jepun morning whut..."

"...sebab hiroshima kena atomic bomb. nenek datuk ayah abang adik cucu moyang dia semua lari masuk sini sebab rumah dah ham choi..."
"mana ada!!! O_O"
"ada la...pastu satu hari datuk moyang dia kat lombong tgh lombong bijih timah pastu tersengaja nmpk...HUAAAAA...ha...pastu kahwin la..."
"tu la pasal kita ada Kong dalam kelas...ha Kong?"
"bila mau balik jepun..."


sigh. i found out thru rei chan bout his death. or else i wouldnt even know he passed away. life is funny sometimes. i only know Mr. VJ for one year which was in 2009. he only thought me for one year. but within that one year, sitting through his classes, was one of the happiest hours of my life.

Mr. VJ is a happy man who loves teaching. ♥ and no doubt he is loved by all his students. (unless youre really those sour face study geeks who cant take a joke) he taught a subject where MOST students would fall asleep in class (cuz i did) but somehow i never felt sleepy in his class. in fact he kinda made me like history for once. which i considered something quite impossible to do.

ah i got to brush this off and go back to studying my chemistry.

i ♥ u, Mr VJ. ^^

thanks a bunch for all you have taught me =D

lots of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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