18 March 2011

** Two Hundred and Forty Two **


These are Japanese Ema(絵馬) boards.
These are small wooden plaques where people write their prayers and wishes. then are hung at shrines for the gods to receive them. ^^

i meant to blog about this earlier but i havent found the time. ive got time now. somewhat multitasking while watching tv at the same time. ^^

we are aware that japan was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 8.9 on Friday, March 11, which brought to a lot of death and problems that are happening and more to come. and although there are some parts of the world or at least the minority of the world's population that couldn't find in the tiniest bit of their hearts to be sympathetic about japan's current situation, the world continues to help whenever they can. ^^

i am malaysian but sadly i am ashamed of what malaysia is doing with this situation. first of all, the ultraman comic art published on berita harian.

this is for one a very insensitive joke. i dont see how berita harian could publish such a thing. are they not aware that this kind of work brings up a lot of sensitive issues. people in japan are struggling to survive and manage with the damage that the tsunami has left them and here we are, making fun of it. and what more do we expect for the nation of our leaders and celebrities (which are considered to be role models of the country) themselves are insensitive towards this situation that hit japan.

Twitted by one of our malaysian actors.

how can she say that this tsunami is god's way of punishing the japanese for mindlessly building up their country without caring for the environment?! so she's saying god is punishing all those who does not care for the environment?? then im sorry to say then majority of those in this world should be punished. Japan has a well developed train system that MOST of all japanese people use it to get to anywhere and everywhere. if it wasnt the train, they'd cycle for closer distances or they'd just walk. how is that not environmentally friendly compared to malaysia where almost every Malaysian family has either a car or a motorcycle and we pratically drive everywhere. and Japan has its fair share of beautiful parks which are very well taken care of compared to those in Malaysia.

however i am for one happy that people around the world are still doing what they can to help japan.
Youtubers :
NigaHiga // KevJumba // VictorKim // Chester See // MikeSong
Really appreciate what you guys are doing ^^ real cute. =3

Shane Dawson

love you guys for all the efforts in helping the japan when most of the world is being cruel about the situation.

then there's this thing on the internet saying NOT to donate to japan.
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another thing i found cute >> socks for japan <<

well whether or not the people reading my blog decide to be sympathetic towards japan. or whether i do actually help by blogging about japan. at least i can help japan the very least i can. well donation links are at the bottom of the post. ^^ feel free to help in whatever way you can.

although there are still people in the world who find it pointless to help japan. or maybe they see the tsunami as a punishment (some sort of god's might) for all their cruelty during World War II or the NanKing massacre, mainly the wrong doing of their ancestral past. (so sue me for my lack of general knowledge)

i wonder why all the politicians are safely home or placed somewhere while the rest of japan are trying to settle the situation at hand. yes they send their condolences for death and what nots. but why are they sitting behind the microphone and not out there helping. not that im bitching bout the japanese government or anything.

but in this situation, it becomes every man for himself.

anyhow. here are the donation links. ^^

1. Red Cross:
Text "redcross" to 90999, and you can make a $10 donation
>> click here <<

2. Save the Children:
Tweet: @savethechildren for updates
>> click here <<

3. World Vision:
TEXT text "4japan" to 20222 to send a $10 donation
Tweet: @Worldvisionusa for updates
>> click here <<

4. Citizen Effect:
Follow @ericschmidt for updates (Google's CEO)
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5. American Humane Association:
Tweet @americanhumane for updates
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so here i write my wishes ( cuz i didn get the chance to when i was in japan and has nothing significant to really wish for )
i hope Japan heals from this disaster and although the situation seems to worsen as seconds past. i hope for the best for Japan at this time of tragedy. not that i can do much. though i wish i could do more.

cant imagine my life without anime and manga and japanese music. OAO!!

Lots of love,

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siti_Fatimah said...
March 18, 2011 at 10:34 AM

while I agree with donating and helping japan but I dont see it should be make into such a SUPER huge fuss considering the japanese have prepared for it and incomparison to the crisis in middle east

I find libya deserve more attention considering the last pocket of freedom is almost being wipe out by gaffadi flexing his military power

March 19, 2011 at 1:28 PM

I am so proud of you when i read this post, cause it shows that you have grown up well to be a considerate citizen of the world!!