11 April 2011

** Two Hundred and Forty Four **

apologies to my darling readers. (checking stats) either you guys constantly check my blog hoping i'd update or you guys just like dropping by. i kinda expected my views to drop drastically since i stopped blogging constantly. ok enough with the long winded explanations.

i decided to blog today cuz people have asked me for the kazillion and one-th time this question and i honestly never know how to answer.

Why do i take picture? (or anything related to photography)


i started photography as something of an interest. not to say i planned for it to be a serious hobby like it has become now. i just found the love of capturing the bits in pieces of life. a certain self satisfaction when i capture emotions in my pictures.

not forgetting the people who made their way into my life. =3

frankly speaking i do not know why i took up photography. it just happened.

not to say i am a pro at it. every photographer has their way of taking photos and their favourite subjects of photography. well, i take practically anything. XD

i like taking pictures of nature. one of the reasons why i wanted a macro lens. since i was a kid (god i sound so old XD) i always had this thing with nature. or maybe it was all that tv i watched during that time. things on tv can make nature the most amazing thing ever! =D

sometimes. there's just perfection within all that ruble.

i wonder what my pictures say bout me...=3
dont lie...i know this made you smile...>D


another question is:

Whether i liked taking pictures or having my pictures taken better?

LOL. honestly. i never saw being a model(thats whut u call someone who gets their pictures taken) as part and parcel of something that i'd get hooked on. not that i saw myself as someone who was picture perfect. (i look ugly at some angles). i dont mind having my pictures taken.

photographers got to practice one way or another. if they ask me, i dont mind.

but given a choice to be photographed or be the photographer.

i'd be the photographer. OwO


see...short update...><

i dont really wanna update cuz then i'd end up posting some emo post and get all of you guys worried...^^

but since i have something to mumble about today...might as well...^^

Lots of love,

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April 12, 2011 at 2:32 PM

OMG, my mum so cheeky!! at first i didnt see the paus... btw, when was the picture taken? i have no idea that my mum has the dress/top she is wearing in the picture