01 March 2011

** Two Hundred and Forty One **

[[a little side track from the Japan trip blogging. i havent had the time to edit the pictures for you guys. sorry. m(_ _)m ]]

so my time table for my mid terms are out. i roughly have 3weeks to study up everything i have learnt for the past 6months of my life last year. and as usual MissOng got me scared again.

i started okay. studying and all for last week. but now i'm kinda losing momentum again. damn.

im not here to blog about my studies. i know they suck. though im trying to bring them up. ^^

[taking this shot was really hard. i was scared and the beetle was literally running]

i guess there comes a point in life where we have to take a step for something. even if its the dumbest thing on earth to do.

and i did exactly that.

it felt like a scene from some movie. minus the bit of reality in it.

so yeah. these past few weeks have been an emotional roller coaster for me. for those who got worried, my apologies. i'm fine now. ^^ [i think]

maybe hell might start all over again. but right now as of this moment its like, i've been in hell over and over again for so many umpteenth time, if it does happens again, it happens. then i just cry my eyes out and get over it in a few days. settled. sometimes even with so many people by your side, somethings are meant to be kept to yourself.

the way i phrased it, it seems like the easiest thing to do.

maybe cuz hell does feel like heaven in a way. ♥

MrKeong made me realize today about "What if..." while i was teaching him how to edit the blog header i did for him.
[sir, u dont need to buy me lunch or anything...^^ glad to help]

so what if i dont get to do animation or computer graphics or whatever you call it. where do i go? i kinda like MrKeong. i think he's my favourite lecturer of all my lecturers. ^^ i know i told MrKeong my second option was to go into journalism. honestly, that came out on the spot. i never had a second option about it. in fact, i never really thought of "what if...". but i figured if i cant draw my ideas and make them come alive on the screen, i can always do it with words. besides, i've always liked reading. maybe i can write my own book and do my own illustrations. =D two in one!!!

ahhh the epitome of life...XD

the fact that MrKeong asked me that question out of nowhere and my answer came out of god-knows-where made me wonder about what i'm actually going to do if i dont get to do what i want to do.

i think if life was a computer no one would use it cuz
there is no ctrl+z for you to undo your silly try and errors.
there is no delete button for you to erase all your mistakes and shame.
there is no recycling bin for you to restore what you damaged.
there is no rewind button for you to go back and do it all over again.
there is no refresh option for you to start over.

or maybe its cuz we're all so used to having the liberty of just using the shortcut in handling our petty human flaws, we dont know how to handle things when there is no more undo.

MrKeong made me realize today. that i may only know the basics for some things and there may be people out there who are way better than me, but its still a skill point compared to those who haven't got a clue at all. ^w^

don't flame me.
this is a short little post before i go on with my studying and shower.
sorry for not updating frequently...i feel terrible depriving my darling readers parts of my not-so-exciting life.
so im gonna update you guys today.

yes. i am going to study again.
i am still human and need to do what i wanna do at some time and some point in my life.
i wonder why you guys even read my blog. [degrading self]

plus im anticipating the game Alice: Madness Returns to be out in 1 June 2011 *excited*
yes there is a countdown on my desktop for it.

but hey. i have a countdown on my desktop for my Mid Terms as well. =D

and the reminder of the SWC stuff i have to do.

and my cosplay progresses.

and a clock.

and somewhat mt study timetable. but most of the time i just pick a subject and study. yeah. i lack discipline sometimes. but heck, im studying one way or another rite? 8D

l♥ve ya lots,

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