16 March 2010

** Hundred and Sixty Nine **

i had a hell of a weekend. long story short. my dad simply refused to send me back to uniten. pointing out i had to prepare for the graudation performance and we havent started anything. i told him it was a must to take part. IT WAS THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. then he went and asked DrNash about the performance thing and DrNash said it was a VOLUNTARY THING. which was NOT what he said to all of us the other day. i tell you these adults. say one thing and tell another thing. so my dad OBVIOUSLY thought i was tell HALF TRUTHS. and he had an impression that i had a hidden agenda going back so early. i made a big fuss. cuz i did say i was gonna be back by friday night. and we have so little time to prepare. and nicely DrNash says the graduation ceremony is a simple thing. so my dad went "DrNash says its a simple thing. so why are you making such a big fuss about it?!?!?!"

i'm starting to get irritated with the way these adult think.

i tell you something. my parents already do not trust me. then why would i be anymore stupider to make things worst for ME and lie some more?!?! why would i do and add salt to the wound. i'd be dont right brainless if i would actually attempt to make my own life any more miserable than it already is.

so there's this whole drama going on that my dad doesn want to send me back to uniten. how he doesnt want me hanging about with the malay guys. and how he only plans to send me for the graduation and take the bloody cert.

honest i like being in uniten. i like going to class every morning. catching the bus. waiting for the bus. eating together at the foodcourt. going to the pondok to make some more noise. i mean. through all the tension and competition to get into the top60, it was a really fun ride. then after this course ends, we'd all go back to where we came from. and obviously we wont be seeing each other that often anymore. darn. i hate this. uniten became my second home.


well our performance went well. and most of us are doing some malay traditional dance. (which obviously as you can see i forgot the name). yea anything traditional sounds boring. but really. i havent danced in such a long time. i actually had fun doing it. ^^ technically it was fun with all my friends doing it along. and i became some backup singer for theguys from 2nd batch that put together 2songs to perform.

awwww...i miss emmee...cuz now that she's gone back i'm sleeping ALONE. in the DARK. and i dont have anyone to sing song with me anymore. and eat maggie mee with. and talk for 1hour without even realizing it. lmao! emmee i no roommate de laaaa...T^T i wan sing meetoto!!

i seriously had fun. ask luqman to do love and joy and i ended up dancing alone. damn you luqman!! i've suddenly grown a liking for theater work man. singing and dancing. lol. OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME....@_@


i guess evryone's busy appling for scholarships now. i guess i've set my mind to do CG animation. i honest do like the idea of making my drawing come to life. and not just something that ends from pen to paper. whatever it is that i'm going to do in the future i dont really mind. as long as it's something i love doing. something i have a passion for. my dad on the other hand says i should do actuarial science. something like crazy advance superman mathematics. says that all i need to do is calculate. and the pay is very high. honestly money isnt really a factor for why i work. i dont mind as long as i like what im doing and do what i like. but my dad says it;'s better to do what i like as a side job. then i'm like...i wanna study animation. and you expect me to study animation and acturial science at the same time??!?!?!?!?! my brain doesnt function that way.

so now yea...again

what to do



love ya peeps~

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