23 March 2010

** Hundred and Seventy Two **

its unbelieveable how much i've been slacking off ever since AJL ended. well my mum thinks i haven't been eating there since when i came back everyone said i lost weight. so here's what happened. at home i have the fridge. packed with all kinds of snacks you can just grab and go. so when i get bored and need something to much on i just go and get it from the fridge and sit back down in front of the computer. in uniten, we have no fridge. thus no snacks. and i have to climb up 3floors everyday. and walk to the bus stop and catch the bus to class. and then at night i'd walk to the foodcourt to grab dinner.

so, it's not that i didnt eat.

looking back i really miss going to school. thought i'm glad i do not need to get up at 6 anymore. i dont miss school but i miss my friends there. and when AJL ended, i felt like shit that i had to go back early. if i knew my parents would take me back early i would've have asked them to come for my graduation. the 7weeks we had together kinda grew onto us and it felt bad that it's all coming to an end.

and i have an interview on saturday. scared.

i dont know why i took pictures of these. i saw them in ilmu. i went "ooooooo....mushroom!!!" lol...yea...not that i've never seen a mushroom before...well it's raining and i need to turn off the computer before something bad happens...


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