29 September 2009

** Hundred andFifty One **

i realize i need to update the lame book contents. it's reaching five pages long damn it.
brace yourselves.

Ramya: A popular formula.
Kong: A pope in a formula?!?!

Josephine: The curtain was hitting my head.
Ramya//Joanna: The curtain was sitting on your head?!
Theeviyah: The turtle?!?!

Ramya: Syarifah gimme a hug.
Theeviyah: What?! Gimme a fart?!

Lavania: Don't litter on me!!
Ramya: Uterine skin?!

Lavania: Sekolah rendah.
Umi: Gorilla?!?!

Kong: Pn. Suria
Theeviyah: Zuria?!
Kong: Kunia?!
Theeviyah: Zudia?!

Kong: Vermin
Theeviyah: Mermaid?!

Syarifah: *holds a scissors* Ramya! Ramya! I'm cutting air!!

[chem class]
Kong: Yellow pages. *flips Pelangi book* I think i'll call potassium tonight.

[chem class]
Pn. Grace: We have gold ring, gold plated ring...
Joanna: ...Gold fish.

Joanna: If you wanna buy expensive things it'll cost a bomb. if you wanna buy cheap things it'll cost a fart.

Theeviyah: Lava, i feel your kemaluan.

Bowie: How old is she ah?
Theeviyah: Shane?!?

Umi: How old is Theeviyah? 16 or 17 years old?
Syarifah: 150 years old.
Lavania: Chicken and peas in a bowl?!

Syarifah: She fels too much kemaluan ade.
Lavania: She ate too much tomatoes?!

Kong: *cuts theeviyah's hair*
Theeviyah: What's this?!
Kong: Eyelashes.
Theeviyah: What eyelash dropping?! Eyelash dropping season issit?!

Joanna: Just now we were looking at the sun. Then, a man walked by.
Pn. Judy: On the sun?!?!

Ramya: Choose.
Pn. Judy: Shoes?!
Theeviyah: Jews?!

[Bm class]
Kong: so if i play around your grandfather's grave i'll vomit grass.

Ramya: Theeviyah, pass me the book.
Theeviyah: Do i look like a salt bridge to you?!

Kong: i drank wheatgrass yesterday.
Ramya: what?! milk grass?!

Lavania: Manila. The place they make vanilla.
Syarifah: So manila card is from there.

[sejarah class]
Pn. Pari: Pro and Con.
Kong: Pro-aircond?!

Michelle: Toyol. Cousin of Toyota.

Syarifah: Orang minyak. The person who works at the petrol station.
Michelle: We're all orang minyak. See we produce oil. *squeezes nose*

JOanna: Don't spit!
Ramya: Capati?!

Joanna: Gimme that eraser NOW!!! *asking for duster*

Theeviyah: I have to challenge my brain with a sword.

Shangeeth: Liquid tone.
Ramya//KOng: Liquid Toad?!

Shangeeth: Wipe the whiteboard. No. No. No. Wipe the clean board. No. No. No. Clean the whiteboard.

[bio class]
Theeviyah: OH shit! Oh shit! she gonna check! How! *panics* Put in the sink! Put in the sink! *dumps her book in the sink*
Ramya//Kong: Yeah yeah as if she cannot see la Theeviyah.
Theeviyah: It's not my book. My name's not on it. *take her book* Oh SHIT! Its there!

JOanna: Your sister looka like you from the back. Just that she's shorter and you're longer.

Syarifah: Related.
Theeviyah: Naked?!
Joanna: Nathan?!

Sarah: Hantar bila.
Lavania: Ikan Bilis?!
Amirah: Amylase?!

Shangeeth: Membership.
Ramya: bird shit?!

Michelle: He's like my second boyfriend.
Theeviyah: Fallopian Tube?!

Syarifah: I love naga terbang. [dragonfly]

Rumput berlompat = Grasshopper

Ramya: Make love to the lab assistant.
Kamilia: Liebig?!
KOng: Diversity?!?

Shangeeth: if the water bag burst then how ah?!
Ramya: Water will come out la.
Theeviyah: Then what. Grape juice issit?!

Shangeeth: Nicely leaveing the key outside.
Ramya: What key?!
Kong: When you unlock the class la!!
Ramya: Since when?!?!
Ramya: Oh..

Pn. Judy: Birds perch on my window.
JOanna: Purge?! As in cirit-birit?!

Bowie: Waste paper.
Kong: Basket!!

Dudu: Your hand so small.
Dhila: Like a microorganism.

Theeviyah: Sejarah Hidup.
Lavania: Telescope?!
Theeviyah: Periscope?!

JOanna: She hit people very pain.
Ramya: She wear purple very pain?!

Syarifah: I'm just waiting for the moment.
Kong: Waiting for the roman empire?!

Ramya: donated a sperm.
Kong: What a sperm?! You wanna go and ask "who's michael Phelps put up ur tail?!"

JOanna: MOst people from Perak can Speak the Chinese Language.
Syarifah: My mother also can...She speak Char Kuey Tiao.

Ramya: Someone said my darling...
Theeviyah: Someone called my garlic?!

[bio class]
Pn. Chieng: Who has the sex chromosome Y?
KOng: Who has the sex chromosome's wife?!

and the cherry on top of the sundae


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