04 September 2009

** Hundred and Fourty Eight **

i've been staring at this empty box for hours.

i have no idea what to blog.

the past few days my room stunk. not because of me. some stupid rat died in the roof above my room. so the stench traveled down into my room. which obviously stunk like hell. have you ever smelled dead rat?! it stunk so bad merely opening the door would make you feel like puking. so i had to go into my room and get my stuff and sleep in my parent's room last night. my room stil stinks a bit. not as bad. sure it'd die off soon.

i had no idea climbing a ladder was so darn scary.

well i wont be bloging much anymore. there's 2 more months before SPM. after that i'd be online 24 7. for now i've got to study...

easier said than done...

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