25 September 2009

** Hundred and Fifty **

spent a few hours editting my blog skin again.

and the intenet's getting on my nerves damn it.

well i'm gonna start studying next month. seriously. i dont know how many times have i actually said that but have never actually put myself to do it. it's one more month before SPM. just a final hurdle and then i'll sit for SPM. after that i do not know what's going to happen to me.

whatever it is.

spent my day at IKEA today. while my sister hung out at 1U with her friends. i kept taking all the pencils. i cant help it. i like free stuff. and i took exactly 17 pencils. how cool is that. for those who have NEVER shopped at IKEA. you have to jot down what you wnat to buy and collect them yourself later. so my parents did that. then i was dragging out the boxes and stuff. it's not like i was struggling to do so. doesn't mean i'm a girl i can do heavy work you know. what do i look like some spoilt brat who has never done a day of work in her life.

MSN is giving me frustration. cant even blooody connect to the webcam.

what the fuck is wrong with you msn.

and then my sister was pissed cuz i called to to come early. when she could've stayed a few more minutes with her friends. hello. dad ask me to call so i call. then i tell her that we're waiting for her. and she hung up then only dad said 15minutes later la. so she came and my dad told her she could've stayed 15 minutes more. and she got pissed. cuz i called her back early. then in the car she stole one of my IKEA pencils. so i told her to give it back and she did. so i grabbed it. and stabbed her with the other 16pencils so that she'd let go.

there was blood.

skipped dance class today. went to had fook keen mee and "lala". ended up feeding the mosquitoes along the way. the bloody bitch bit my toe damn it. do you know how hard it is to scratch there?!

that useless bitch.

owh well...i guess i'd hit the hay after this post...

it's almost 2.

and sadly i have tuition tomorrow.

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