06 May 2009

** Hundred and Twenty Nine **

i need to do my MORAL PROJECT
and finish it asap
then i need to do my Add Math's project
and finish that too
after that i need to train for my taekwondo competition
which for your information is slotted between my diagnostic
which is in bout 1 week plus time
then i'd have to study for bio
and make my sucky marks better
and i'd have to rekindle my add maths form4
cuz i have practically FORGOTTEN everything
then i have to memorize all my moral NILAI
and not forgetting the kata kunci
and i have to improve my BM
which is worst than a standard 1's BM
i need to do something out my drowning physics
cuz i used to do so well in it
and i need to get my sejarah up a notch
though all these people are dead
they're gonna determine if i get an A1 or not
so screw them damn it
then i have to refresh my page on chemistry
the folders in my brain has been cobwebbed

i have issues with myself

i need to upgrade my system
people all using vista
and i'm still using windows 98

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