20 April 2014

** Two Hundred Sixty Eight **

My friend pointed out how my blog screams of my ocd of how I without fail numbered all my posts. XD

I have so many people asking me why I'm still here. And why I decided to stay. I mean. Its so easy to just walk away and start a new chapter of my life without someone. We lose people everyday and our generation is frankly very immune to it. I dont know why I stayed. I dont know why I still put myself through this.

People look at me with judgemental eyes every time they ask me if I'm still with my boyfriend or not and I tell them yes. Like why the fuck is this girl still hanging on to this.

I honestly think. Nobody is perfect and no relationship is going to end up perfect either. And there will be days where you get pissed beyond all measures just because you're tired and your other half makes a wrong choice or says something you didn't want to hear and you end the day even worst than before just because. No. I do not think your other half has any responsibility of being your happy pill. Heck everyone has their bad days and honestly if they both coincides its like fighting fire with fire. Its gonna just get ugly.

Then you both cool down and make up after that. Thats all that counts.

Then you find days where you're just sitting there wondering where did all the good "lovey" days went. Yeah. The "honey-moon" period doesn't last forever. So meeting up becomes slightly stale and its normal to just be together catch a movie and have dinner go home. Normal. Nothing wrong with that. Don't need a fancy date every time we're together. Once in a while it'd be nice to be reminded of why you fell in the first place with all the little nuances that make it all better.

Maybe its just me being me but I'm not the kind of girl that needs to see my boyfriend everyday. Please. Enough with the insecurities of "oh i must see you everyday!!". It's a good thing to have a life outside the relationship. Things I like to do alone or with my friends. Not everything should revolve around the significant other. I mean, you're together and all but being together all the time gets really clingy after a while. Like someone else is taking up my oxygen space. Can you like go to the other corner and breath the oxygen there. lulz XD

Then you finally get to see each other after weeks of hectic-ness in one another's life. Having to finally have time to chill and be together. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Or maybe it was just great to take a break after the hectic race for submissions. It was nice to take my mind off things and just be with someone.

On the side note. Captain America is a waste of money to go to the cinema for. I officially award it the slowest superhero movie award. I know I'm a bit ADD(short attention span) but seriously. The movie was torturous and slow. I spent the movie making fun of the characters in there with my boyfriend. Relating them to League champions.

I swear. Capt. America. Most boring super hero ever.

Those that love him for his looks. You guys suck. His looks aint gonna save u.

I mean it was a pretty routinal hang out session. Lunch. Movie. Toy store. Dinner. Home. Yes. That silly visit to the toy store because we are useless teens that have nothing better to do with our lives than to loiter and fiddle with the random toys in the store. I wished I had nerf guns when I was a kid. Seriously. Still envious of the kids today that had it.

Honestly on a side note. I don't really want to go for any 21st birthdays.

It just makes me all sad inside. Its like asking an orphan to go for a parents day celebration.

It feels like that. Like. Look at the stuff you'll never have because you cannot change the past and what has been done is done.

Urgh. My head hurts.


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kold_kadavr_ flatliner
May 8, 2017 at 7:26 AM

Just think, dear...
What'll it be like in Seventh-Heaven
to ski all the way down TEN TIMES
HIGHER than K2 on a diamond path in
less than an hour????

Precisely what you'll git:
Jesus Christ is the King.

God bless your indelible soul.