25 January 2014

** Two Hundred and Sixty Six **

New semester new post. But before that, last semester was honestly a learning experience for me. And I think, I'd stand by what I went through for life. 

Even as I whined and complained and bickered and bitches about my Rango-look-alike character, I completed what I needed to do. Honestly, I do not expect to be given the liberty of doing what I like all the time in this field I have chosen. Of all my days in Lasalle, I have learnt to animate. I have learnt to animate something out of my art style. And more importantly I learnt to work with something I don't like.

It's a good experience in my opinion. To know I pulled through. Honestly, I'm flexible with what I work with. Maybe I shud stop bickering on fb so ppl won't know. I bicker but I do what I need to. It's not like I bicker n do nothing or sit there n hope that some magical change will happen.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with working on a project u don't particularly like. True story bro.

So I guess the new sem started off really rough. Or maybe it was just me... Overworked chasing perfection. Swear to go this habit is going to e the death of me. Had my first break down before the first month even ended. Yeah. I know. 

It's alright. The storm has cleared. Even if there's another brewing. I've learnt to dance in it, cry when I slip on a puddle but pick myself up and dance again.

On the side not. I think I might be insane.

Maybe just a little.


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