06 June 2011

** Two Hundred and Forty Seven **

looking at my archives for this year. i blogged way too little.

my formspring has been bait for trolls.

so a few days back some anonymous keyboard warrior asked me on formspring. well. not exactly asked. more of like accused. so Anon's "question" was that my life is full of lies and lying isn't it?

to tell you the truth. yes. my life is full of lies. some which i regretted telling and some which i dont. yes. lying is bad. but putting it in a way as if it is a matter of life and death when you lie in your life. i mean. sometimes its just a little white lie. when i dont feel like hanging out with my friends. i'd tell them im sick or not feeling so good to go. maybe it's just me. but having asked someone out and having them tell you they dont feel like it is kinda like saying i dont like to hang out with you. i do not deny the fact my life is loaded with lies. everyone lies. for good or bad thats another question. afterall there are always two sides to a story. the fact that the act of lying is so easy to commit. sometimes i do it unconsciously. then some wise old man would come tell me a lie would grow bigger and bigger. so what if it grows bigger and bigger. you just grow with it. its like writing your own spontaneous story. so people say a lie grows and soon you'd get caught. i had my fair share of being caught lying and being punished for it. (and its not pretty). not to say lying is good. but sometimes lying might just save your ass.

im assuming these two "questions" came from the same person.
so Anon asks "what do you feel if the person you love cheats on you and your relationship are nothing but lies and acts like some sort of theater play?"

obviously in the scenario you just gave me. you're a blind victim of a one sided love. i dont see a point in your partner cheating on you and taking you for granted if he/she really loves you the same way you love him/her. yes. there's pain that comes with finding out all that. some people are just not meant to make it to your future. besides, the pain will only make you stronger. trust me on this.

but i answered Anon, "i dont love people like that in the first place"

somewhat true in a sense if i already know this guy is a player and is not serious and has never been. when he pops the question, no matter how much i like him, why would i say yes?! maybe its just me. but based on my past heartbreaks. people like him are not worth my time and tears. dont go digging your own grave.

and then Anon (assuming same person) asked, "have you ever thought that you are also one of those people too?"

maybe i got a little defensive at this question. no. i dont think i have ever cheated on someone or toyed with anyone's emotions. i may have a problem keeping my distance and being not so friendly with other guys. nonetheless can be solved with a little self control. toying with someone's emotions is a very cruel thing to do. and people who do things like that are insensitive.

and...there's another keyboard warrior calling me a slut and whore and dumb on formspring.

as far as im concerned. i have never been slutty or whorey(is there such a word? XD)
as far as dumb is concerned. i know im not dumb.

so that was that. ahhh internet...u so funny sometimes...XD

my life is about to get a whole lot bumpier.


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