11 March 2009

** Hundred and Sixteen **

okay. let me do just this one thing. bear with me. it'll only take one sec.

i came back. ate my dinner. took my shower. went to upload the pictures i took today. and guess what. i was frantically searching for the CD. the CD Miss Wong gave me right after school. the CD i specifically shoved into my book. THAT CD. and i came home. cursing under my breath searching for the damn fucked up CD that i dont know where it is. i know i brought it back. i know i put it in my book. i know i didnt drop it. so where the fuck is that CD. grew legs and walked off. damn it.

i'm so dead.

so screwed up.

ok i'm done. now for some stupidity.

yesterday. we had bio. so obviously we went to the lab. yes?!?! and so asusual...bio class. Y-A-W-N. so i start getting restless. so i was sitting one leg folded on the chair.listening to Umi talk about how she's dying to get married and her wish to fulfill her dreams bla bla bla have kids bla bla bla...personally...SPM hasnt even finish and she'd thinking of kids...LMAO. no offence Umi.so ramya was laughing. i was laughing. josephine was laughing. i dont know what i commented, but i said something. and Ramya kinda just gave me a pat on the back. JUST A PAT ON THE BACK. and i fell forward face first. landed on my knee. both. then my hands. Ramya and Umi went paranoid. i was laughing actually. let me clear this out. RAMYA IS INNOCENT. IT'S NOT HER FAULT. cuz i kinda had the whole class wondering how i fell.

so now my knee hurts. there's a HUGEEEEE bruise on my left knee. and a little one on my right.

and now it still hurts.

and tomorrow it'll hurt.

and the day after that.

and after that.

and after that.


i do feel like trash the other day
especially during taekwondo
actually i always feel like that during taekwondo
like i was some sort of crappy senior
well actually i am
notknowing majority of my pattern
it's not like i have some super brain to memorise all that steps
and it's not like we're gonna be using that when we actually need it
so i dont see the point of learning so
but hey
i'm a crappy senior
and i'm still your senior
and you still bow to me
my bad
i'm just trying to make myself feel better
go figure
my brown eyes are sign of the ammount of crap my life is

i planned to change my blog skin LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago
but i havent found the time
i've been waking up in the middle of the night at intervals of 1hour or so
and going back to sleep
and getting up again
until a point i'd give up and just stay awake
maybe it's the fact i haven't had coke in a while
so there goes my balance of what's left of my life

what do you people want to know...all i'll be doing is study...do homework...sleep...eat..school...

it's not like i'm going through so emotional break down or something...

and no doubt i wont be doing anything stupid anytime soon...

ou wait...i just did...

I LOST THE CD MISS WONG GAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tsk tsk tsk...

that's just me i guess...

the proud inventor of screw ups...


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