05 March 2009

** Hundred and Fourteen **

gahh!!! its been FOREVER since i blogged. and to be frank right now i'm just taking some time off from all the homework i have waiting for me upstairs in my room.

its kinda sad how my long winded life is now filled with SCHOOL and more SCHOOL and nothing else but SCHOOL.
gosh it's time to start studying. my intervensi marks suck ad its only intervensi. see hwat's gonna happen when i sit for SPM.

ignore all the typos i know there are some here and there but i;m typing as fast as i can cuz 24 hours a day right now doesn seem to be enough.

well school isnt really that bad if you look at it. i love my class and my friends there. come to think of it...it's the only thing that's keepin me from going senile nowadays. unlike pn nooraini...xD

it was wednesday and last two period we're in the lab studying bio. thank god after one period the teachers had meeting n pn chieng had to go. and nowadays they'd use the bloody PA system and ask all the students to line up outside their classes and shut up before going back SYSTEMATICALLY. not like the usual everyone rushing towards to gates thing. we go class by class which is kinda stupid if you ask me.so pn nooraini goes on the PA system and goes "girls, line up outside your classes. it's time to clean up your class." first of all we clean our class on FRIDAYS and it was a WEDNESDAY. she zoomed up two days ahead.


i was going through my CD collection the other day.
you know what. i used to worship avril. i used to love her so much. not just for her songs but how she was different from all the other famous ppl in the world. she just wore shirts n jeans and still looks awesome in them. yeah!!!
and maybe now to most of the ppl out there the new avril is way better. with her more upbeat songs that no longer scream " i'm so sick of my life ". not to mention the rise of the fanboys factor with her shortskirts and fishnets. don't get me wrong. she's just growing up. but the invasion of the pink was entirely unnecessary. the entire CD was printed pink. pink highlights. pink. PINK.
wouldnt it be weird to stick out ur tongue and scream "rock 'n' roll" and guess what ur wearing. a pink dress.
i kinda knew she'd change but truely hoped she didnt.
go figure eh?!?!?!
so here's to the old avril that has long "slipped away" and way out of reach.

ahhhhh...whatelse did i want to say...

ah yes...


suffer with bio

strain myself with add maths

die doing moral

cope with chemistry

go senile over sejarah

struggle with physics

torture myself with bm


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