10 February 2009

** Hundred and Twelve **

damn. i know i haven't been updating much. and this blog can be seriously makred as D-E-A-D.

so here's my daily routine for everyday of my boring old life.

get out of bed wondering why monday. the morning assembly. the headmistress's yacking. all those stupid prefects. monday ends early but with a whole lot of homework usually. and i come home. pop dead on the bed after a sickening day of school. sleep til dinner time. take a shower and start with the piles of homework until 2am.

i only had 4 hours of sleep and today's the longest day. i get to school. some funny shit might happen. some down right bullshit might happen. and then the homework piles up. i stay back in school til 3.30 for taekwondo and after 1hour of throwing punches and kicking the crap out of air molecules it's tuition. Sejarah. Maths. Add Maths. long excruciating hours. and all ends at 7 when i get home and eat dinner take my shower it'd be close to 9. and then i return to the piles of homework again. and more or less sleep around 2am or 3am

need i say more. i drag myself out of bed. go to school. walk the same halls. see the same teachers. do almost the same thing. then i watch my homework pile up again. and those that i have left upon sleepiness grown even highe now dont they. the homework never seems to stop. and so school ends at 2.10pm. then i return for tuition again. Physics. Chemistry and Bio. up to 7pm again. and i get home. hungry. tired. and all i could think about was that pile of homework waiting for me at home. same as always. bed time's at 2am...3am...4am...depends on the homework

this is one of the more not-so-hectic days of my life. which i just drag myself to the end of it. the hours of sleep i get doesn't really matter anymore. i no longer get my 8hours of sleep. so if you ever see a scary looking girl with really dark circles around her eyes dragging herself as she goes. that's me. school ends at 2.10pm today. and i get home to do more homework. well then it's dance class at 7.30 to 8.30. and back home. shower. breathe. homework. sleep.

it's the end of the week. well not if i have school tomorrow. school ends early. everyone rushes home. and i rush to tuition again. English and Bm. and it's up to 7 again. long excruciating hours. extremely long. and i'm starving half the time sitting there. and counting down the seconds to going home. then it's back to home. dinner and shower. and time to drown in all that homework again.

believe me when i say this. i am not exagerating on homework. neither do i procrastinate. im trying hard not to. i'd be dead if i did procrastinate. seriously in deep waters if i do.

so here's me.

trying to cope with everything and nothing.

going through the motion.



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