15 October 2011

** Two Hundred and Fity One **

seriously tho...i have the most number of views from Malaysians followed by Russians...why...i do not know...XD

I'll put my wishlist at the bottom since a few of u ppl came asking what i wanted. OwO

I'm going to be sitting for A2 in two weeks time? im so relaxed besides the fact that this exam might determine whether i go overseas or not.

i dont really have much to blog about. havent been going to class for the past few weeks and i probably need to rewind my sleeping schedule again or else im going to have problems getting up on my exam day.

i wonder if i lost weight lately. Since i skip breakfast and lunch...sometimes dont even have dinner...maybe survive on a bag of chips...XD

life has been dull. im such a boring person. XD

oh well, imma go find something to do. just here to revive the blog a bit.


Birthday Wishlist :

1. Strength Nendriod

2. Dead Master Nendriod

3. Black Gold Saw Nendriod

4. Usagi Headbandsssss

5. Rilakkuma Plushie

6. Hoodie (even if i have so many already i still want one)

u dont really need to get me the stuff i listed...half the time nobody does...XD
anything u get me is fine really ^^


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