22 July 2011

** Two Hundred and Forty Nine **

i have been neglecting my blog.

well i cracked my laptop sreen few days ago. some stupidity of mine to slip and slam my wheels into the screen. probably get it repaired by next week.

ZOMGWTFBBQ!!! this destop is so damn laggy. =__=

ok...back to my purpose of blogging today. =D


PART1 : Slalom training today

i decided to train today. usually i dont. cuz after thursday's 4hours of skate plus 2hours of dance, it'll automatically kill me for the next day as well. but i wanted to skate cuz i finished my test6!!! (tho i failed chemistry)

so i went upstairs to the usual corridor. unfortunately, someone was using it. so i had to skate in the one downstairs. which i do not like cuz the floor is so...not smooth...XD

i limitted my skating today cuz of the longkang. i do not want to roll into the longkang. that would be a bad thing. all i did was rocket and tried wheeling.

so Mr. Nyia walked by while i was skating.

Mr. Nyia : ahh...u skate here first la...
Me : i'm ok sir...i one person only...
Mr. Nyia : How long u skated already ar?
Me : er....
Mr. Nyia : about one month plus?
Me : i think so? (i really dunno)
Mr. Nyia: skate...skate backwards...
Me : *skates backwards*
Mr. Nyia : How long u take to learn ar...
Me : skate backwards? uh very fast oneeee...=)
Mr. Nyia : Break break...
Me : (here's where i prayed hard my t-break works) *does t-break*
Mr. Nyia : ohhh liddat la...

ok then he went to the badminton courts and left me alone.

then i skated some more. attempted to switch the foots of my rocket. and it worked!! like i switched left right left right falldown...(this happened once and only once) and just so happen someone walked by. this group of guys.

Guy : HEY COOL!!! how you do that?!?!
Me : *pull out earphones* er...practise?
Guy : *tries going down* aiyo cannot la...i cannot even do on shoes...
Me : hahaha...takes time la...
Guy : do something else...omg damn cool la...
Me : er...*does crazy*
Guy : wah...how u do...
Guy : damn flexible la...why her leg bend like that one...
Guy : some more? some more? 8D
Me : er...*heel heel snake*
Guy : fuh two wheels man...how long u practise ar?
Me : which one...
Guy : which ever la...those you jus showed us...
Me : er...all together one month plus...
Guy : walau eh...
Guy : do one more do one more...
Me : haha last trick already...i dont know anymore...
Guy : Ok ok...show...
Me : *reverse eagle*
Guy : what?!?!
Guy : how she put liddat...*tries*
Guy : aiya you dot need to try la u old de...XD
Guy : this one also within one month plus?
Me : yea...^^
Guy : i salute you...
Guy : are you part of a club or something?
Me : yea...we're in the process of being official...we meet every thursday 4pm...usually here...^^
Guy : and the skates?
Me : we provide rentals...RM5...for as long as you want to skate...^^
Guy : wow...ok ok...

and then they walked away...LOL...

so many people talking to me while skating today...shesh...
then Mr. Nyia walked by again...and then some random girl popped out of nowhere asking me about WoW.

then i was taking a corner and kien lam's friends from last time saw me and said hi. asked where is kien lam...how would i know man...XD

so that sums up skating today
i shud skate everyday and promote the club...LOL i feel like a promoter today...XD

PART2 : Pumping petrol

FIRST TIME in my life. I pumped my own petrol. all cuz i want to go to curve tomorrow but i am running out of petrol. (like two bars). so i went to petronas on my way home today. waited behind this guy and then noticed...eh! got green only one?!? i wan yellow!!!! so i had to reverse and switch.

so i waited behind this guy. and when he finished i went. i got out. walked to the pump. stood there and looked at the distance of my car's petrol thingy and the nozzle and my brain went...ok thats too far... i went back into my ca and moved it further front.

i remembered to open the thingy this time. i closed the door and i dont know how i dropped my car keys. LOL. so i picked it up and went to the machine.


ZOMG...how do you work this thing...

and i do not know how i came to the conclusion i had to put the credit card in first. but i did anyway. here's the funny part. i stuffed my card in the right way. its got stuck. usually the machine is supposed to suck it in. but it didn. so its stuck in there. and im like...ZOMGWTFBBQ!! MY CREDIT CARD IS STUCK!!!

i leaned back on my car and face palmed. looked back at the machine slot. O_O. eh?! where my credit card go?!! ok so the machine did suck it in. but the stupid machine spit it back out.

im like D< GO IN YOU STOOPID THING!!! shoves the credit card in again. ok so it sucked it in this time...and then it gave me access denied. spat my card back out.


i shoved my card in one more time. and finally it works.

yes. i am small and weak. and the pump is heavy. so when i took it out i was like...UFT!! WTF!! *uses two hands*

ok then i left it to pump. waited for it to click. then i moved it to the nearest riggit. and yes. again wit the heavy pump nozzle thingy. i remembered to take my reciept and close the thingy thing.

LOL. so much drama just to pump petrol...XD


very tired now...=3


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Sue said...
July 23, 2011 at 9:52 AM

You should have come upstairs and skate together :s