02 October 2010

** Two Hundred and Twenty Seven **

OKay. my dog has Aural Hematoma. so we took him to the vet today. he was all panicky in the car. not to mention the fact he kept scartching me. OTL.

Aural Hematoma >> C L I C K M E

there's nothing much to talk bout it...i'm just waiting for the video to upload on youtube. then i'll post it up here for all of you guys to see the um...procedure. LMAO. i'll leave it at the bottom of the post. ^^

im still sick. going to be sick. nose is clogged. and my throat is killing me.

im lagging behind on all my tutorials. orz.

so yeah. Melvin and Sam started playing O2Mania (O2Jam offline). i played one round of it. i got bored. i somehow realized O2Jam never really did capture my attention like every other online game i've played. it somehow just bores me without even trying. so i'll stick to slamming my space bar. lol



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