14 March 2012

** Two hundred and Fifty Seven **

Honestly. I've been blogging for SO LONG. I haven't took the time to blog about Cosplay. Ok. Well, now I have something to write about.

I have been cosplaying since Comic Fiesta 2007. Yes. It has been a full 4years of cosplay for me. But I only came out in 2009. =) And now people know me as Maro. ;)

I'm in no place to complain. Heck. I'm still very new to cosplay (tho many would disagree).

I'll keep this short and simple. ;)


WHY. After some event do some of the cosplayers make groups. I mean. I was there. New and not familiar with anyone. But I do not understand why would you people have the urge to make a group. You want to get to know people in the community, go to events, say "hi". Maybe it's just me, but that's how i'd prefer it. Plenty of cosplay groups on facebook as it is. (currently in 8-9 groups) Is there some madd ass pride of being the admin of a cosplay group? Does it make you feel like the leader of all cosplayers or something?? As far as I'm concerned, I noticed newer cosers have the wrong idea of cosplay. If you think being an admin of a group is your ticket to getting known in the community, you're doing it wrong.

So. Very. Wrong.

Photo to entertain you~ ;)

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I'm not pin pointing. I am using it as an example.
How can you make a group and call it "Stars of cosplayer"?? So, by the name I figured whoever that is NOT in the group is not popular enough to be in it. YEAH. THAT was my first impression on the name of the group. Then, I went through member list. NO. I scrolled down. Obviously admin is a new cosplayer (not surprised anymore). COSPLAYING IS NOT FOR FAME. If you so happen made a name for yourself then its a plus. Other than that, it is but a hobby. just like any other hobby. Naming a group THAT, is going to mislead people.

Like. Seriously. Mislead.

Are you still with me? OwO

I have a few more things to say...


I'm sorry if i do offend people.
And you give the reason for the group is to GATHER ALL cosplayers. WHAT?? You think you're the ONLY ONE who's finally thought of making a cosplay group so that all the cosplayers can gather?? You think you're the ONLY ONE that had it "wonderful" idea?? Plus the fact that you're new. Yeah. You're this Einstein of the cosplay community. All of the people who had cosplayed longer never thought of such a thing. Sureeeee...Seems legit.

I'm finishing soon...

I promise~ OwO


MAJORITY of the time. The group gets spammed with "Like this...like that...contest..." Shared once. Its fine by me. But continue spamming and it becomes a nuisance to EVERYONE in the group. That aside. You give me reason for the group is for new cosers to learn from the more experienced ones. BITCH PUHLEEZEEEE. This is why I say those newer to cosplay nowadays are so dependent. Waiting for people to spoon feed.

Taobao in mandrin. Cant read mandrin. USE GOOGLE TRANSLATE. GET A FRIEND WHO CAN.

Wig problems. No idea how to handle. YOUTUBE. GOOGLE. USE THE INTERNET.

Prop making. No experience. COMMON SENSE. Dont tell me you wanna make a sword you go and use A4 paper. What kind of stupid are you?!?

Make up. No idea how to use anything. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. TRY AND ERROR. You don't expect to learn how to draw perfect eyeliner overnight.

I started cosplay with no help what so ever. The set of skills i have today for cosplay come from the internet and common sense. What's your excuse for not being able to learn on your own.

Then again, if someone does ask for help/guidance, I wouldnt go all dishing out on them. But sometimes somethings are so simple, makes me wonder why would ANYONE have problems with it.

Not happy with my post?

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calvin said...
March 14, 2012 at 10:26 PM

So how long have you been cosplayin then??